2021 Announcements

09/10/2021 2021 Announcements

Can Tho Marathon - A Heritage Race Delayed to December 2022

The Can Tho Marathon-A Heritage Race will delay this year's Dec 5 race to Dec 2022 to ensure safety as the pandemic has not been fully controlled..


06/05/2021 2021 Announcements

Standard Rates Now On Offer

The Can Tho Marathon - A Heritage Race 2021 has officially begun offering Standard Rates, valid from May 6 through September 21, 2021.

10/03/2021 2021 Announcements

"The 8.03-Km Track Of Love" Mini Game Results

Dear Can Tho Heritage Marathon runners,

Thank you very much for creating beautiful running tracks of love...

03/03/2021 2021 Announcements

Run 8.03-Km Track, Get Great Gift

On the occasion of the International Women's Day, the Can Tho Heritage Marathon will join all the guys to send the most sincere and warmest gift...

01/03/2021 2021 Announcements

Can Tho Heritage Marathon Registration Starts

The registration portal has officially opened to welcome all runners, with the SUPER SPECIAL AND ONLY-IN-THE-YEAR PROMOTION valid through March 31, 2021.


2021 Announcements


Special Promotion For Groups And Clubs

“More Runners - More Funs - Greater Promotions” is a special gift that the Can Tho Heritage Marathon presents to groups/clubs with a discount rate...


2021 Announcements

HOT NEWS: Registration Begins March 1, 2021

Registration for the Can Tho Heritage Marathon 2021 officially begins on March 1, 2021...



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